Even in modern society, especially in metro cities, we come across many families who are accommodating in a single room environment. They are forced to stay back in this accommodation due to various reasons such as non-availability of independent houses, high rental values, etc.

It is quite common that five to six members are tightly packed in one room making it an air-tight compartment. They prefer kerosene heaters rather than electric heaters because of their compatibility, cost efficiencies, and wide coverage area.

In the winter season, this type of heater is mostly required. An uninterrupted function of the heater can rest assured if we prefer kerosene heaters.

But, is it safe to use kerosene heaters inside the house? We can’t blindly say that kerosene heaters are safe to use indoors. During the winter season, the main problem that the people facing is to warm themselves to protect themselves from the bone biting cold weather.

Power failures will be a continuous issue during such a season. So it is not practical to use an electric heater for warming. So it is better to have a kerosene heater indoors to keep us warm. Sometimes there is a power shortage for a week, and it is preferable to use a kerosene heater during the hectic period of the winter season.

There are two types of a kerosene heater.

Convection Kerosene Heater

This type of heater is preferable to cover a large area of the room. It is cylindrical in shape and produces warmth both upward and downward.

Radiant Kerosene Heater

For a smaller area, this kerosene heater is the best. These are rectangles in shape. For providing warmth in any direction they are fitted with a fan.

These kerosene heaters have some pros and cons of their own.


  • Less expensive
  • Easy to store
  • Less flammable
  • No leakage issues
  • Environment friendly


  • Broken flame
  • You can’t off the heater
  • Consume time to warm the room
  • Funky smell

What are the safety measures to be taken while operating a kerosene heater?

It is important to use a heater during the winter season for warming the room. Most people prefer kerosene heaters for this as they are cheap, efficient, and easily portable. So you have to use it inside the home for warming. Before using it indoors you have to take some safety measures. Because the byproduct of this heater is carbon monoxide. So before installing inside you need to first install a carbon monoxide detector. Some other safety measures are as follows.

Keep it in a safe place

Place the kerosene heater in a safe place where there is no spark of fire or other flammable objects.

Sew up proper ventilation

Ensure the heater only in a properly ventilated room.

Ensure the heater is safe from clothes

Don’t hang any types of clothes near the heater so that you can avoid the risk of fire.

Keep away from reach of children

Always pay attention to children and don’t keep them alone in the room where the heater is placed.

Final Words

Most of the people who are using kerosene heaters are skeptical about the heater whether it is safe or not to use inside the house. It has both its paragon and defects. So the only way is to use the heater carefully for your safety.

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