The coming of autumn means many homes will have to cope with rising energy costs because of the use of space heaters. Space heaters are not just expensive, they are not the best options for the environment. Indoor kerosene heaters are the best options to heat up your homes. They are compact, save cost,s, and work without electricity.

Top 10 Indoor Kerosene Heaters

1. Kero World KW-24G Kerosene Heater

Kero World KW-24G Indoor Kerosene Heater, White

Here is an outstanding model from Kero World and it makes use of kerosene to give you the highest level of performance in indoor spaces. Its efficiency and superior power output are not in doubt and you are sure of remaining warm for years when using it.


  • Big fuel tank
  • Long-lasting design
  • Compact and lightweight


Heating Capacity

It can produce as much as 23,000 BTU and that is more than enough for heating indoor spaces of up to 1,000 square feet in area. It offers outstanding convection heat and that allows everyone to stay warm all through the day.

Safety Characteristics

The KW 24G is in a class of its own as its boasts of a protective grill that allows for safety in houses that have kids and pets. This 360-degree grill is very good in ensuring that fires do not break out by mistake. There are also other features like an automatic shut-off button that turns off the burner when the heater falls over.

Ease of Use

It has an automatic ignition feature and that implies that you can start it off easily without making use of a matchbox. This optimizes the safety feature is you can turn it on or off as you so desire to make it very user-friendly.

2. Dyna-Glo RMC-55R7 Kerosene Radiant Heater

Dyna-Glo RMC-55R7 Indoor Kerosene Radiant Heater, 10000 BTU, Ivory

This is a brand that is highly-respected for making some of the most excellent indoor kerosene heaters that give the best to the users. This heater is not just going to help you in reducing your energy costs but will also ensure that your room is always warm.

It has the certification for having all the relevant safety features in place. This compact product is perfect for the heating of average-sized spaces when winters come.


  • Tip-over feature
  • Autoignition feature
  • Impressive heat output


  • Not available in some countries

Heating Capacity

This indoor kerosene heater has an impressive output of 10,000 BTU and that is ideal for a room with an area of 500 square feet. It can also be used regularly and you are going to save a lot in the process. Dyna-Glo is a brand that can be trusted when it comes to warmth in the most adverse weather conditions.

Safety Characteristics

This heater has all the relevant safety characteristics as the brand places a lot of emphasis on the safety of the users. This is why it has a one-touch ignition alongside the extinguish feature, allowing for an easier operation of the product. It also comes with an automatic shut off switch which turns off the heater when it rolls over. This ensures that there are no fire outbreaks by mistake or harm to the user.

3. Sengoku KeroHeat Kerosene Heater

Sengoku KeroHeat 23,500-BTU Indoor/Outdoor Portable Convection Kerosene Heater, CV-23K

Of all the convection kerosene heaters from Sengoku, this is one of the most reliable. It is good for the provision of heat for small and average-sized indoor spaces. It is perfect for emergencies or when you have power cuts in shops, offices, or residences. It gives good value for money and with it, you can be sure of warmth even during the worst winters.


  • User-friendly electric ignition system
  • Ease of carriage with handle
  • Compact and long-lasting


  • Refilling can be hectic

Heating Capacity

This indoor kerosene heater can generate as much as 23,500 BTU and that means it is that it can generate enough heat for rooms up to 900 square feet in its area. The main feature here is that it can generate heat in all directions so you are sure of uniform spread and distribution of heat. The design is round and it means you can get heat from all directions.

Safety Characteristics

Sengoku is known for fitting its products with some of the most reliable safety features. This has an automatic shutoff feature that turns off the entire heater when it is accidentally knocked down. It also as a steel wire guard which ensures that there is no way you are going to accidentally touch it as it also prevents it from external objects that can be flammable.

4. Dura Heat DH 1051 Indoor Kerosene Heater

Dura Heat DH1051 Indoor Kerosene Heater - 10,500 Btu's DH1051

If you want to remain comfortable and warm through all winters, this indoor kerosene heater from the trusted Dura brand is your best companion. It is a convective heater that radiates and distributes heat in all directions so you can be sure of remaining warm at all times. Because of the sturdy construction, you can be sure of its durability.


  • Compact and highly-efficient
  • Uniform distribution of heat


  • Wick can burn too quickly

In addition to these, it is also compact and that means you can move it around as easily as possible. If you spend money on this, you will realize that is will be one of the best purchases that you have ever made. But always have it at the back of your mind to ensure a soaking of the wick for at least 60 minutes before you make use of the heater for the very first time.

Heating Capacity

This indoor heater has a capacity of 10,500 BTU and this assists in swift heating of rooms or spaces that are up to 450 square feet in area. Hence, it is a perfect solution for anyone interested in having a reliable backup source of heat when the mains are out or during harsh winters, or even when you are going camping. As it is portable, carrying it about is not a problem. Its design and performance also mean that you do not even need to spend a lot on energy bills.

5. Sengoku HeatMate HMN-110 Portable Radiant Kerosene Heater

Sengoku HeatMate 10,000-BTU Portable Indoor/Outdoor Radiant Kerosene Heater, HMN-110

For anyone interested in reliable heating of indoor spaces, this product from Sengoku is ideal for such spaces, especially those up to 380 square feet in area. It is also good for emergencies when a heating solution is needed quickly. The main advantage of this heater is that it is very easy to utilize as long as you follow the specific guidelines put in place by the manufacturers.


  • Low and high heat mode settings
  • Easy ignition
  • Tip-over safety feature in place


  • Wick quality is not the best
  • The ignition can be noisy

There are batteries in a place that allows you to start quickly and easily with the electronic ignition feature. Once you turn it on, you are able to modify the heat as much as you desire,. You can set the heat at a high level or make it low, it all depends on how you want.

The fuel reservoir has a capacity for 1.2 gallons of kerosene and that can last you very well for as much as 14 hours if steady heating. But the overall time will depend mainly on whether you have selected the high or low heating mode.

Safety Characteristics

To ensure safety for the user, there is an automatic cut off button and it becomes activated if there is an elevated level of carbon monoxide. It will also deactivate the heater if it gets tipped over by error.

6. Dyna-Glo RMC-95C6 Indoor Kerosene Convection Heater

Dyna-Glo RMC-95C6B Indoor Kerosene Convection Heater, 23000 BTU, Black

Even though this looks more like a cage for a bird, you will soon realize that the Dyna-Glo RMC-95C6 is an excellent device for heating indoor spaces and even large indoor spaces. This can provide good heating for spaces as much as 1,000 square feet and that is more than sufficient for you. It is also the ideal choice whenever there is a need for emergency heating.


  • Electric ignition button
  • The useful fuel gauge system
  • Ease of carriage


  • Handle does not last long

It is really easy to use and there is a start button that can be used alongside the electric ignition system powered by a battery. Immediately it is on, you can choose the level of heat that you want, this is done using the massive dial that is used in the adjustment of the wick. There is also a fuel gauge that helps you keep an eye on the amount of fuel used and remaining.

Safety Characteristics

This brand takes safety seriously so there is a detector for the level of carbon monoxide. If it so happens that the level of carbon monoxide rises, the heater is going to turn off. There is also an automatic safety cut-off feature that becomes activated whenever it is tipped over.

7. Mr. Heater MH175KTR Force Air Kerosene Heater

Mr. Heater 175,000-BTU Forced-Air Kerosene Heater, F270370 MH175KTR

This is an indoor kerosene heater that is particularly good for large indoor spaces. It is so powerful that it can provide heating for an area as large as more than 3,100 square feet. That applies to factory areas, workshops, and even big warehouses. With a heating capacity of 175,000 BTUs, this is a truly powerful machine.


  • Modifiable thermostat
  • Compact and easy to move around
  • Very easy to start
  • It can handle large spaces


  • Very noisy
  • Fuel hoses can malfunction

It also comes with a fuel tank that can contain up to 8.5 gallons of kerosene providing heating of as much as nine hours. This makes it ideal for industrial and commercial spaces. If you are thinking of how it will be moved around, you will be pleased to know that it comes with a wheeled structure that allows free movement.

It is very easy to operate as all you need to start it just to press the electronic ignition switch. Once it is on, you can then easily modify or adjust the level of heat as you desire by making use of the thermostat dial that comes with it.

8. Dyna-Glo Delux Forced Air Heater

Dyna-Glo Forced air Heater, 135,000 BTUs

Here is another outstanding kerosene heater for indoor purposes. With a heating capacity of an incredible 135,000 BTUs, it is one of the highest in the range. The very high level of heating capacity allows it to heat spaces as much as 3,200 feet so you are able to make the best of it.


  • It can run for up to 14 hours
  • It can cover as much as 3,200 square feet
  • There is a flame-out and overheat protection


  • The fuel odor is not nice
  • Ignition may not work in some instances

It is flexible in terms of usage. Even though it has a heating capacity of 135,000 BTU, you can also get to adjust it to 95,000 BTUs depending on the work you want to set it to. So, if the heat is becoming unbearable for those in the indoor area, you can adjust it and reduce the heat to a more manageable level.

If you reduce the heat level, it will also conserve the fuel and that means you can use it for as long as 14 hours with a full tank of 10 gallons of kerosene. There is also a fuel gauge towards the bottom which assists you in knowing the volume of fuel used and what is remaining. There are also wheels at the base and alongside the rear and front handle, it is easy for it to be transported around very easily.

9. Dura Heat DH2304S 23,800 BTU Indoor Kerosene Heater

Dura Heat DH2304S 23,800 BTU Indoor Kerosene Heater

This indoor kerosene heater is an outstanding one as it is made from the highest-quality materials and its solid structure. It comes with all the features that will make life a lot easier for you, especially during those cold days of winter.

Heating Capacity

It is capable of as much as 23,800 BTUs of steady heat but that is not all, it spreads the heat in all directions over a vast area. It is also brilliant for emergency conditions and power outages during winters as it can provide you a comfortable combination of light and heat. It comes with a no-lift design of the heating chamber so there is minimal startup odor when you turn it on.


There is an accidental tip-over shut off feature that ensures optimal safety for you and those around you. It can run for up to 12 hours on just a single full tank. Ignition is made very easy with the push-to-start ignition feature.

There is no need for electricity so you do not have to bother about how to power it via mains supply. Assembling the unit is also easy and straightforward – everything is designed to minimize stress for you.


  • Huge fuel tank
  • Sturdy design
  • Durable materials


  • Wick quality may not be optimal

10. Sengoku HeatMate 10,000-BTU Portable Indoor/Outdoor Omni-Radiant Kerosene Heater

Sengoku HeatMate 10,000-BTU Portable Indoor/Outdoor Omni-Radiant Kerosene Heater, OR-77

This is one of the most reliable outdoor and indoor heaters that you are going to find out there. Trusted for its outstanding design, comprehensive performance, and compact structure, you can carry it with you wherever you are off to. Hence, it is ideal for camping or even if you just want to warm up the house.

It is portable but it is also extremely efficient as far as providing warmth is concerned. Its heating capacity is good but it is not designed to provide heating for very vast areas. It is ideal for rooms in the building but not the entire residence at once.

It comes with a flame adjuster and an automatic ignition button. There are trusted safety features in place and this even includes the unit going off if there is a tilt before it gets knocked over completely. There is also a safety guard that ensures your family or your house does not burn down for any reason.

Heating Capacity

This indoor/outdoor heater has a heating capacity of 10,000 BTU and this helps in quickly heating rooms or spaces that are up to 380 square feet in area. That makes it ideal for emergency heating or the zone heating of rooms. It is a good source when seeking to do backup heating during harsh winters or when the main electricity is down in storms.


  • Compact, easy to use and highly-efficient
  • Very cost-effective alternative
  • Can burn for 14 hours non-stop


  • Cannot provide heating for large areas

Kerosene Heater Buying Guide

Indoor kerosene heaters are good for ensuring that spaces that are not linked to electricity can remain heated. These include indoor spaces like basements, workshops, garages, and other similar spaces. It is an ideal solution for those who are interested in ensuring that their houses are kept warm with compact solutions.

Functions of an Indoor Kerosene Heater

A typical indoor kerosene heater is one that has a round wick or chord that has been made from cotton or fiberglass located in the center. The wick is placed above the fuel tank and it dips into the fuel and via capillary action, gets the fuel to burn, and provides heat for the indoor spaces. The design is also done in a way that there is an equal distribution of heat across the room.

You are also able to adjust the height of the flame by reducing or increasing the length of the wick inside the unit. When the wick is exhausted, the flame goes off. Even as many heaters do not need electricity to start, there are some others that need some form of ignition before heating.

Benefits of an Indoor Kerosene Heater


Indoor kerosene heaters offer an impressive way to heat your spaces without the need for electricity when igniting it. this makes the heater useful when you suddenly find yourself in a cold region. It is not a surprise that it is beloved by those going on travel, hike, and camping.


An indoor kerosene heater can provide as much as 135,000 BTUs and this means that you are able to remain warm for longer periods because the fuel is more efficient when compared with propane. Using an indoor kerosene heater means you will be able to remain warm all through the night without having any worries.


One interesting thing with indoor kerosene heaters is that the fuel they use is a lot cheaper than the other fuel options. By using this kind of heater, you end up saving a lot of money.


One thing with indoor kerosene heaters is that they are very reliable. But their benefits go beyond just being reliable. These heaters are also equipped with several kinds of safety features and these ensure that you and your family members are always safe whenever using it.

Different Kinds of Indoor Kerosene Heaters

Whenever you purchase an indoor kerosene heater, you can get one of basically two types and these are convective or radiant heaters.

Convective Kerosene Heaters

These are used mainly for warming expansive areas. They operate by heating up particles in the air and are then distributed all over the place in all directions. This allows convective heaters to have the ability to heat up a space much swifter than the other variants. A convective kerosene heater also utilizes the open flames to generate more warmth.

Radiant Kerosene Heaters

These are used mainly for the heating of little areas like your room. These ones operate by heating the molecules ahead in a process known as radiation. When the particles get heated, they radiate and then warm up the area. Radiant heaters are particularly good for rooms that do not have the right type of insulation.

Important Features for Consideration before Purchasing an Indoor Kerosene Heater

Model Type

The size of the room that you want to warm will determine the kind you will go for, either convective or radiant. The former is shaped in a round form and they are ideal for big rooms or huge spaces. The radiant heaters are better for smaller spaces and are rectangular in shape. You also have to go for a heater that is fitted with battery-run ignition so you do not have to bother yourself in any way with a matchstick.

Heating Capacity

This parameter is measured in British thermal units (better known as BTUs) and the more the BTUs, the quicker the heater is able to warm up the air. Many heaters can provide warmth measured at 25,000 BTU conveniently over an area of 1,000 square feet. There are also some other indoor kerosene heaters that have a heating capacity of well over 100,000 BTUs. The space of the area you want to heat is going to determine the heating capacity you go for.


It is instructive to go for the indoor kerosene heaters that are compact and lightweight. The main advantage here is that will be able to carry it around with ease. So, either you are interested in going camping or even taking it to your workshop, you are not going to have any problem at all. The more compact, the easier it will be for you when taking it around.

Ease of Use

There are remarkable differences between the various indoor kerosene heaters. While some others are very easy to handle, there are others that are somewhat more complicated. When you are making your choice, go for the ones with the features that will make life truly easy for you. These include a detachable tank, auto ignition, and others.

Release of Carbon Monoxide

The amount of carbon monoxide released is generally directly proportional to the heating capacity. Even though the amount is generally low, it can reach toxic levels if there is damage to the unit. For this reason, it is good to always ensure that there are appropriate aeration and ventilation in the spaces where the indoor kerosene heater is used.

Running Time

It is also known as fuel autonomy and it has to do with the number of hours that the indoor kerosene heater can work for before giving up. An average indoor kerosene heater is able to work for as much as 10 hours on a single tank fill.

Safety Characteristics

An excellent indoor kerosene heater is one that has all the necessary safety features. This is because even though the product can be good for you when it comes to providing warmth for the home, it can become dangerous if the proper safety settings are not in place. These include an overheating protection system, a detachable fuel tank, and an anti-tip switch.


It is hoped that this review of kerosene heaters of indoor spaces is comprehensive and beneficial as a buyer’s guide. There are several options in the market concerning these types of heaters and having a piece that focuses on the top 10 indoor kerosene heaters is on point. It will assist those who are looking for the right one to purchase and also give reasons for the selection.

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