Most people are using a kerosene heater to warm their rooms during the winter season. The main reason why people are choosing kerosene heaters as a piece of equipment to keep warm in their room is that kerosene is cheap and easily available.

Kerosene is highly convenient and its smell is quite repulsive and unpleasantly sweet. The fact is that not all kerosene heaters emit odor but sometimes when the heater is not working properly it will emit a pungent smell which makes you feel irritated.

What are the main reasons for emitting an unpleasant smell by kerosene heater?

The main reason for emitting unpleasant smells from kerosene heaters are as follows.

Using the heater in an unventilated space

The rooms with unventilated areas cause the kerosene heater to smell. Even if it is a high-quality product and the fuel with the best quality will result in a choking smell. All you have to do when dealing with a kerosene heater is to use it in a properly ventilated room with plenty of air circulation.

If the burner seal is not properly fitted

If you don’t clearly seal the bottom of the heater the smell may leak out and it will irritate you. So to avoid such conditions you have to make sure the bottom seal of the kerosene heater is properly fixed and there is no leakage beneath.

If the heater is not placed on a plane surface, it will result in leakage of the fuel

Sometimes the heater may release the smell of kerosene if it is not properly kept. It should be kept on a plane surface where there will be no tilt. If the heater is tilted or not placed on the plane surface the fuel will leak out and emit a strong smell of kerosene which feels quite unpleasant.

Usage of low-quality fuel for burning

If you feel that your heater is emitting a strong pungent smell of kerosene, then there is a chance that you are using low-quality fuel. When you purchase kerosene you must be very careful to buy the best quality fuel. The long-lived kerosene is also a cause for this choking smell.

What are the steps to stop the kerosene heater from smelling?

Most of the kerosene heaters do not emit any odor which makes you completely psychotic. If such issues happen to your heater then you should have a thorough check of your kerosene heater. Here are some tips to keep your kerosene heater perfect without any smell.

Polish your heater at regular intervals

You should clean your heater regularly. Clean it properly and wipe out all dirt and dust, so you can eliminate the smell.

Mix the kerosene with Paraffin Oil

If you are irritated with the smell of kerosene you can aerate the kerosene with paraffin oil which is one of the ancient techniques practiced.

Use of Rubbing Alcohol

You can also use rubbing alcohol mixed with kerosene instead of paraffin oil. If it is hard to get paraffin oil you can also use isopropyl alcohol that is rubbing alcohol along kerosene.

Final Words

The present-day kerosene heater is equipped with a thermal regulator. Most of the kerosene heaters can work without electricity. So mostly almost all kerosene heaters do not emit any smell of the fuel. If such happens then your kerosene heater needs a thorough checking and cleaning.

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