The wick is a very important part of the kerosene heater. A bad wick can spoil even the new heater also. The heater will not burn properly and your purpose for buying the heater will be defeated. A set of a new wick can make an old heater as a new one. So with proper maintenance, we can keep the wick clean and long-lasting and your heater will always work properly and give you comfortable warmth.

How does a Wick Work?

The wick of the kerosene heater consists of bundles of high-quality fibers. It is used to produce a large evaporation area. Wick is used as capillary tubes to draw the kerosene from the tank to the combustion area. It will ignite the heater. These wicks burn and provide heat.

How To Change Wick In Kerosene Heater

When Should A Kerosene Heater Wick Be Replaced?

After regular use, kerosene becomes dirty or if the dust will go inside the heater, the capillary tubes will clog. This will cause an improper supply of kerosene and the heater will not work properly. To make the heater working again you must change the wick. There are some indications for changing the wick of the heater

  • Wick becomes thin and shabby, it can not give proper flames.
  • If the loop of carbon deposits on the wick so fuel can not pass through it and the heater will not function properly.
  • The wick looks fine but it does not burn properly.
  • The heater does not start properly even after burning the wick. Just check the wick. If it is very hard then surely it’s a tar formation inside the wick. The wick needs to be changed immediately.
  • If you are using cheap quality kerosene then there is a possibility of the wick gets contaminated. So, if the flame burns at irregular or improper height, we should replace the wick.

Maintenance of Wick

For proper working of the kerosene heater maintenance of the wick should be done on regular basis. If you are using fiberglass wicks then place the kerosene heater outside the house and let it operate till fuel runs out. All the tars and other deposits will be burnt off. The process must repeat once a week if you are using it full day long every day.

If you are using cotton wicks in the heater, it should never burn dry to clean the wick. Wipe down the top portion of the wick using a paper towel to remove any deposits.

Final Thoughts

The wick plays a very important role in the proper functioning of the kerosene heater, Whether it is a fiberglass wick or cotton wick it requires proper maintenance and cleanliness. Although the wick of the kerosene heater lasts very long, it also needs replacement. The lifespan of the wick totally dependent upon the use of a kerosene heater or the type of kerosene you are using.

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