A kerosene heater is the best alternative to an electric heater when there is a problem with regular power cuts. It provides a cozy warm surrounding to your room and also decreases your electricity bill.

Regular and continuous use of the kerosene heater also requires timely cleaning for proper functioning till the cold weather lasts. Cleaning of the kerosene heater is a must at the onset of the winter season and at the end of it. Also, make sure to empty the tank when it is not in use during the summer season to increase its durability.

In the coming section, we are going to discuss the steps involved in cleaning the kerosene heater.

How to Clean a Kerosene Heater

Empty The Heater Tank

Before cleaning the heater the first step is to empty the heater tank by removing the fuel. This can only be done through dry burning the heater till it gets empty. This process should be done in outer and well-ventilated space to avoid harmful gas and bad smell.

When it indicates low or no fuel,  wait till it cools down. Remove the cartridge tank and pump the leftover fuel from the tank and store it in a kerosene container.

Cover the Electric Cord

Properly wrap the electric cord and place it securely to avoid damage during storage.

Cleaning of Fan Filter

The heater takes the air from the fan filter that is situated at the backside of the heater. The filter also requires thorough cleaning if it gets dirty. You can dip the filter into detergent and rinse it with water. Allow it to dry completely before storing or attaching it to the heater again.

Cleaning of the Oil Filter

The oil filter is placed inside the heater tank. It is required to clean monthly and compulsorily before storage. You can use clean or unused kerosene to clean the oil filter. Take a bowl and pour some kerosene into this bowl. Place the oil filter in it. After some time kerosene comes out of the bottom and the oil filter will clean. Do not use any soap or detergent or even water to clean. It will damage the oil filter forever.

Clean the Oil Plate

It is possible that there is some kerosene on the oil plate of the heater. Pump to remove this extra kerosene from the oil plate. Clean it with the help of a paper towel only. Do not use water.

Clean Outer body of Heater

Clean the outer body of the kerosene heater thoroughly with the help of a paper towel. Remove dust or dirt on the outside of the heater with a damp cloth and wait till it dries completely.

Store the Heater

Finally, if winters are over, store the heater in a cool and dry place away from humidity. The best way to store the heater in a heater box or wrap it properly in a big bag. Do not store in an outside area.

Final Thoughts

As we know that kerosene heater is very useful in winter especially where an electric heater can’t work due to power failures and power cuts.  Proper cleaning and storing after the winter season makes the kerosene heater not only durable but also feels free from any tension to use it for next winter.

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