If you are suffering from a regular power cut in your area especially in a cold-weather, it is very difficult to survive in a cold room without a heater.  Kerosene heater is the best solution for this. It is very easy to use and keeps your room warm also.

Kerosene heaters give you a cozy radiant heat to let you feel comfortable in a small room and outside space as well.

How To Light A Kerosene Heater

Choose Fuel Type

Whenever you decide to use the kerosene heater, fuel is the first and the most important thing to choose. You can take 1-K kerosene grade fuel for the kerosene heater.  1-K kerosene fuel creates no smoke and no bad smell.

Always go through an instructional manual for choosing the various types of fuel as some of the kerosene heaters require different grades of fuel. There are two types of kerosene; red-dyed and water-clear are available in the market, both are equally safe.

Add Fuel to Heater

After selecting the fuel,  add the fuel to the bottom part of the kerosene heater. After opening the cap fill the fuel carefully using a siphon pump to avoid any spilling or overfilling.

How to Light a Kerosene Heater

If you are using the kerosene heater for the first time then leave the wick to soak in the fuel for 1-1.5 hrs to make it completely wet.  Turn the knob to the left to let the wick completely dip in the fuel and get wet properly.

When the wick is soaked properly, turn the knob to the right towards the ON position. This will raise the wick upwards. You can raise it up to the required level for burning. Now the heater is ready to light. There are two methods to light the heater these are:

Automatic Ignition Button

The heater can be lit through the automatic ignition button situated at the bottom side of the heater. It is a small horizontal lever. To light the heater you should push the lever down, it will spark the integral ignitor that is nearly placed to the wick. The spark in the ignitor creates kerosene fumes and light the wick. The moment you see the ignition instantly release the lever.

Using Match to light the heater

Another method to light the heater by using a match stick. For this, you have to open the burn chamber that is located above the wick knob. To open the chamber pull the handle forward and the door will open. The burner knob of the heater needs to pull to move the wick upward. Ignite the wick with the match stick. You can use a long stick to avoid the risk of burning.

Set the Flame Height

It is very important to keep the height of the flame at the correct level. If it is too high it will produce a large amount of smoke. On the other hand, low flame causes the risk of fire or it can also create a poisonous gas like carbon monoxide.

Final Thoughts

A kerosene heater is the best solution when an electric heater can’t work. With full precautions and proper ventilation, you can use a kerosene heater and make your place or room perfectly warm.

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