Generally, the working of all the kerosene heaters is almost the same. They have a wick system through which kerosene can be drawn from the bottom tank to the combustion area. When we light the wick the flame starts to raise upwards and provides the desired heat to warm the room.

All the manufacturers promote these kerosene heaters as a ‘new generation heater’ because it has all the features such as automatic ignition, fuel gauges, metal grill for safety, and much more. In this article, we will discuss how to use these features to find whether it is really a new generation heater.

How to Use a Kerosene Heater

Fuel Type

Regardless of the brand of the kerosene heater, the quality of the fuel must be very good. It is important to increase the lifespan of the heater. 1-K kerosene grade is the best fuel for all kerosene heaters. Generally, there are two types of kerosene available in the market these are water-clear and red-dyed. Both are safe to use.

Fill the Fuel

After selecting the fuel, add it to the heater tank using a siphon pump to protect it from spilling and overfilling.

Light a Kerosene Heater

If the kerosene heater is brand new then leave its wick to soak the fuel for 1-2 hrs and let them wet properly by moving the heater knob to the left position so that the wick will dip completely. When the wick is completely wet turn the heater knob to the right to raise the wick upward. There are two ways to light the heater, these are:

Automatic Ignition

In this method, the heater can light with the help of the automatic ignition button available at the bottom of the heater. You have to push the button down to spark the ignitor placed near the wick. This spark produces kerosene fumes and it ignites the wick. Release the button immediately.

Use of Match

This is another method to light the heater. By using a matchstick you can burn the wick by raising it upwards with the help of a knob. You can use a long stick to avoid burning your fingers.

Flame Height

Flame height must be in consideration. Keeping high flames can create unnecessary smoke and low flames can cause fire and also creates a large amount of carbon monoxide that is harmful to the lungs.

Care & Maintenance

Proper care and maintenance of a kerosene heater make it durable and long-lasting. Always go through the operator’s manual available for proper instructions. Generally, maintenance includes cleaning the heater, trimming the wick, removing the carbon deposits, etc.

If your heater is not working properly switch it off immediately. After it cools down, check it thoroughly, and if require take it to the professional for maintenance.

Final Thoughts

A kerosene heater is one of the best alternatives for an electric heater. The working of a kerosene heater is very easy and simple. With proper precautions and ventilation, it is the best appliance to warm your room as it can reduce your electricity bill too.

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